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Gaelle Joseph Pilates instructor

Who is online Pilates classes good for?

  • If you love Pilates but can’t make it to a studio
  • If you have lower back pain or a weak core
  • If you want to increase your flexibility and mobility
  • If you want to get into exercise but don’t know where to start
  • If you’ve never tried Pilates before and wanted to try
  • If you want to join a Pilates community online
  • If you still want personal access to your instructor

What are the online Pilates classes like?

Woman lying on floor with laptop getting ready to do Pilates online

The classes are mixed ability, mat Pilates classes. This means that there are different levels (or variations) of each exercise for people to choose from. The classes mainly consist of 6-8 exercises per class and last one hour, 3 times a week. See the time table.

Small equipment such as resistant bands, weights and balls are used occasionally.

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The benefits

Woman on her knees stretching to the right doing mat Pilates at home

Within weeks, you can expect to notice:

  • improved flexibility and mobility
  • better joint movement (cartilage issues)
  • less pain or better coping mechanisms
  • stronger core
  • stronger pelvic floor
  • more muscle engagement and strength
  • toning
  • increased stamina
  • progression in exercise levels
  • getting fit at home
  • evening and day classes available
  • WhatsApp group (optional)

Join the tribe:

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“Before I started Pilates with Gaelle, I used to have chronic back problems. After only a few classes I started to notice the difference and it changed my posture and my spinal mobility increased! I even became an instructor because of her. Claire

“The online Pilates classes that Gaelle started during lockdown were our lifeline! It kept us going and moving even when everything else stopped. Betty

“Gaelle’s classes are very varied and exciting! She’s keeping us on our toes week after week and I like that. She’s always pushing us to do more and progress. I now do moves that I never thought I could. I look forward to the classes every week! Eva

“I stopped Pilates for a while because the times at the gym didn’t suit me and my back condition got worst. I am looking forward to moving again on the mat with Gaelle. Tom

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