31 things you should know before starting your weight loss journey

I wish I knew these things before I decided I wanted to lose weight for good and start my weight loss journey. They’re simple tips based on personal experience and with clients. They’re meant to nudge in the right direction and hopefully inspire enthusiasm for starting or restarting again at losing weight. And maybe you’llContinue reading “31 things you should know before starting your weight loss journey”

Weight loss self-awareness

Self-awareness is important for self-empowerment and should be the first step in any journey! Notwithstanding our health and weight loss journeys! And because it is so important and underestimated, this whole month, many of the articles on my sight will be related to ‘self-awareness for weight loss’. Why self-awareness matters in a weight loss journeyContinue reading “Weight loss self-awareness”

How to be successful at permanent weight loss

Starting a weight loss journey can be daunting and we could go about it the wrong way if we do not know what to do or where to start and end up either starving ourselves, over exercising or (god forbid), injure ourselves and binge eat; resulting in weight gain – which is the complete oppositeContinue reading “How to be successful at permanent weight loss”

How can I lose weight by loving myself

Self-love has a very vague meaning. Most people don’t really know what is meant by self-love, they think of pampering or treating themselves mostly. But self-love, especially in regards to weight loss goes so much further than that.   Self-love and weight loss  I’ve recently learnt that real self-love is linked to unconditional love. Whereas peopleContinue reading “How can I lose weight by loving myself”

How to lose weight by changing your mindset

What are you telling yourself?  If you were to be honest with yourself, have you noticed that you’ve been practicing negative perspectives around losing weight? So the first step would be to identify what perspectives you’re currently practicing in regards to why you are finding exercising and dieting hard.   Are you telling yourself that exerciseContinue reading “How to lose weight by changing your mindset”

7 reasons why you’re not losing weight when exercising and dieting

Why am I not losing weight when I’m exercising and dieting? I’m eating 1200 calories a day and exercising every day but the scale has not budged one bit! Is that you? Well, in this blog post, I list some common reasons why you may not see any progress even though exercising and dieting. TheseContinue reading “7 reasons why you’re not losing weight when exercising and dieting”

How do I get in the mindset to lose weight

Many people want to (or even need to) lose weight but do not enjoy exercising or dieting. Which would explain the yoyo dieting and falling off the band wagon and the binge eating etc… But have you ever wondered why that is? Why don’t most enjoy it? Afterall, it’s good for us and the benefitsContinue reading “How do I get in the mindset to lose weight”

5 things I want to help my audience with

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I want to help my audience to: 1 – learn to understand basic nutrition for weight loss I think that for successful and permanent weight loss, basic knowledge and understanding of nutrition is advisable. Otherwise, we end up doing something someone has instructed us to do so and if thatContinue reading “5 things I want to help my audience with”

Who is Weight Harmony for

People who find it hard to lose weight I have met people who really wanted to lose weight and seemingly tried everything and just couldn’t lose weight. They even wondered if it was a genetic condition. At some point in my life I wondered the same because I was always called ‘chubby’ and I couldContinue reading “Who is Weight Harmony for”

How to break an emotional connection with food

Affiliate links therein Emotions rule a lot of what we do in life, and we tend to eat not only eat because we’re hungry, but also because we’re bored, stressed, in pain, etc…  We often act subconsciously, based on the way we feel, and often these are linked to bad habits. But we can breakContinue reading “How to break an emotional connection with food”