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31 things you should know before starting your weight loss journey

I wish I knew these things before I decided I wanted to lose weight for good and start my weight loss journey. They’re simple tips based on personal experience and with clients. They’re meant to nudge in the right direction and hopefully inspire enthusiasm for starting or restarting again at losing weight. And maybe you’llContinue reading “31 things you should know before starting your weight loss journey”

Weight loss self-awareness

Self-awareness is important for self-empowerment and should be the first step in any journey! Notwithstanding our health and weight loss journeys! And because it is so important and underestimated, this whole month, many of the articles on my sight will be related to ‘self-awareness for weight loss’. Why self-awareness matters in a weight loss journeyContinue reading “Weight loss self-awareness”


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Hi, I’m Gaëlle, Personal Trainer, Weight Loss coach, Pilates instructor, and Sports Massage Therapist, sharing my enthusiasm for health and fitness from a mindset point of view with the world. Thanks for visiting!

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