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Hi, I’m Gaelle

Weight Loss Coach – RTT Therapist

I’m a Personal Trainer, Weight Management Adviser, Pilates Instructor and Sports Massage Therapist. I have a real passion for everything health and fitness and I love working with people. But it wasn’t always this way.

My journey started with an ‘obese level 1’ diagnosis from 3 annual medicals in a row. Fed up, one day, I acted and hired a Personal Trainer (PT) for 12 weeks. I lost the weight and got to my goal weight, but I was still eating rather badly; and when our sessions stopped, I put on more weight than at first. That was when I decided that I needed to know more on how to exercise and how to eat properly. So, I did a course. At the time, I had no intentions on becoming a PT but the degree I signed up for, required me to train people to pass and that is how I discovered my passion, and how that passion grew into an interest in Pilates and Sports Massage Therapy, and now I am in training to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I am really excited!  I intend to use my knowledge and skills to help people get to the root cause of their issues, to overcome them once and for all.

What I consider some of my biggest professional and personal accomplishments

  • Working with clients and helping them reach their goals and helping them love to exercise – I didn’t expect being a PT to be so rewarding. It is a real accomplishment to help people lose weight and feel goo about themselves.
  • Working with the NHS as a Physical Activity instructor and running weight loss workshops for people who were referred by the General Practitioners (GPs) for 12 weeks programs. It was great working with the NHS and working alongside dieticians and other physical activity instructors.
  • Teaching my own style of Mat Pilates, geared towards improving general mobility, rehabilitation and core and back strengthening. It is amazing to think that my style of Pilates has been valuable to so many people and that I even inspired others to become instructors also.
  • Becoming a LesMills instructor, has helped me explore my physical limits and push past my boundaries as an RPM, BodyBalance and BodyPump instructor.
  • Discovering a passion for sports massage therapy and helping people with issues such as piriformis syndrome and sciatica, and in stretching them. These are my strengths.


I have just hired Gaelle having had my fitness test which proved so far to me she’s the PT I am looking for I feel at ease and having had previous training experience I can tell she knows what she talking about and that was evidenced through the fitness test, which 3 days later am still feeling the affects – just how it should be! RU

Gaelle is an excellent personal trainer! I hate training but she made it fun! To my surprise I was looking forward to the next sessions! She is a miracle worker! John

I have been training with Gaelle for a year now and I have to say that I am truly grateful that I found her and she had time to take me on. She has a in-depth knowledge of human body and what need to be done to make it better. AN

I had amazing lessons with Gaelle – very motivating and encouraging! Enthusiasm is key for a Trainers and Gaelle indeed excels! Try her out – she’s great! Never been pushed so much with energy to lose weight and I’m so thankful that I was successful! Thank you!!! SARAH

Gaelle made the sessions fun and created a relaxed atmosphere. She has in-depth knowledge of the best exercises for problem areas and she personalises the exercises to a person’s fitness level and needs. I love our sessions and the progress I’m making. Helen

Her work-outs are fun, short and intense, and because I am quite busy, I love that! Very professional, integral and nice at the same time, Gaelle is one of the best coaches I worked with. IV

What am I looking for right now

I want to continue working with clients in helping them lose weight, in helping them develop a love or liking for exercise, feel fit and healthy. I intend to do that by sharing my tips and ticks via my blog, Pilates classes and through hypnotherapy sessions.

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