How can I lose weight by loving myself

Don't fight with yourself, fight for yourself

Self-love has a very vague meaning. Most people don’t really know what is meant by self-love, they think of pampering or treating themselves mostly. But self-love, especially in regards to weight loss goes so much further than that.  

Self-love and weight loss 

Woman holding a board saying 'Love your body'

I’ve recently learnt that real self-love is linked to unconditional love. Whereas people usually love themselves with conditions. They say to themselves that I will love myself when I am thinner, or I would love myself if I had a smaller waist or legs.  But real self-love is loving oneself just the way we are without conditions. It’s appreciating the present, the journey and appreciating each change as it happens. We are often too quick to notice the negatives when there are so many positives to notice and appreciate. 

Truth is that our thoughts come first and therefore changing our thinking towards our bodies, and ourselves need to change first to make any real significant lasting impact on who we are and want to become. Changing our mindset towards ourselves first, will get us feeling happier and more motivated for actions such as eating better and exercising more. It will also help us be consistent and patient with the process. 

Ways you may be criticizing yourself which needs to stop 

Woman sitting next to a scale and crying

You’re speaking to yourself negatively by saying things like: 

  • I eat like a pig 
  • I am as big as a whale 
  • I have legs the size of tree trunks 
  • I am fat  and ugly 
  • I feel fat 
  • You’re focused on noticing the negatives in your body. 
  • You don’t really believe you can lose weight and be better. 

Practical ways to love yourself for weight loss 

Take ownership of the things you want to work on in your life such as your weight. Recognize the causes for weight gain such as eating too much, not exercising enough and take practical realistic steps for you, to deal with them. 

Find the positives in everything. If you notice that you’re speaking negatively to yourself, then find a counter objection to the negative things you said. So if you said to yourself: ‘I eat like a pig!’ Be true to yourself and notice how that statement isn’t true and you don’t eat like a pig. Replace that sentence with ‘I eat too much and should curb it’.  

The things we say to ourselves matter. If you wouldn’t say it to someone else because it may hurt their feelings, you shouldn’t say it to yourself either.  

Make the counter objections resonate with you, make them truthful meaningful positive words that matter to you that will sink in your mind and heart and make a real difference to the way you think. 

Write down who you want to be and become. Describe how you want to look and feel, how much you want to weigh and what you would wear and do when you achieve that weight. Make the imagine really vivid in your mind and heart to the point that you can visualize it and merge with that vision when you really think about it. And don’t forget to write why that would be important to you to achieve that weight and to be that new you. 

Man journaling about food. A plate of food next to him.

Practice gratitude. For weight loss specifically, practice being grateful for your body and all the things it does for you and its potential. Practice accepting yourself just as you are, not beating yourself up for your current flaws and imperfections. Practice counter objections to your limitations and convince yourself that you really can do anything you set your mind to.  And before long, you will be so grateful for yourself and your body that, that gratitude will move you to want to take better care of yourself, therefore practicing real self-love.   

Small changes, big benefits 

Affirmations for weight loss 

I am worthy of letting go of this weight 

I am worthy of a better quality of life 

I love myself 

I am good enough 

I can lose weight 

I am letting go of the excess weight 

I can do anything I set my mind to 

I deserve a better life 

I deserve to feel good about myself 

I choose to change 

I choose to feel better about myself 

I choose to love myself unconditionally 

I choose to be the best version of me that I can possibly be 

I lose weight easily 

Losing weight is easy 

Losing weight is fun 

I choose to let go of excess weight for my health and happiness  

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