5 things I want to help my audience with

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I want to help my audience to:

1 – learn to understand basic nutrition for weight loss

I think that for successful and permanent weight loss, basic knowledge and understanding of nutrition is advisable. Otherwise, we end up doing something someone has instructed us to do so and if that person (or thing, such as an app) goes away then we’re back at square one.

Quote: “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.”


Therefore, I want to help people understand what are macronutirients and micronuturients, understand the benefits of foods to make better food choices, and know how many calories they should consume, for example.

2 – learn to love exercise or physical activity

Woman stretching and exercising in the living room with her laptop.

As a Personal Trainer and Weight Loss coach, I found that people generally, did not enjoy exercising but they recognised the need to exercise to lose weight or to be fit. I enjoy building on the strengths of my clients and working on their weaknesses. And to know what their strengths and weakness are, I  did an initial assessment with each client and class to test their general form, strength and endurance.

Knowing each client’s strengths, capabilities, likes and dislikes regarding exercise enabled me to find ways to make working out challenging but fun. I sometimes pushed them to their limits, but they always came back because they knew that despite my ‘girlie’ appearance, I would help them reach their goals. Whether it was in a class format or with a 1-1 client, my goal was always to progress towards a bigger goal such doing pull ups, rolly pollys or headstands. It was fun!! See the testimonials here.

3 – learn to have the right perspectives for weight loss

Change perspective image of woman choosing body size.

I want to teach people that exercising and losing weight can be fun! It can be easy! And it can be permanent! That may sound farfetched, but it’s true and there are strategies that we can use to help change a mindset from ‘I can’t’ to ‘Yes, I can’.

Most people find working out and dieting hard, and it sometimes affects their self-confidence and motivation levels. They battle constantly with foods and their weight and yo-yo diet or waste money on gym memberships or on personal training sessions that they hardly use. But if we found a way to change the mindset from ‘I hate exercise’ to ‘exercise feels good, helps me relax, helps me feel good about myself, helps me be fit, and look good, etc…’ it would be easier to do and not feel like a chore. Or maybe we could change the meaning of exercise for someone from weights and cardio to fun activities like gardening, dog walking, hiking, a jogging group etc… You’ve heard it said before and it’s true – it’s all about mindset!

A big part of my sessions with clients was asking them about their goals, where they wanted to be, what steps they were taking to get there, what their nutrition was like, etc… We often spoke about strategies for motivation and I always assigned a weekly tip to work on. I want to do the same here, I want to help people make the whole process of losing weight fun by helping them change their perspectives on exercise and nutrition for weight loss, which will in turn help them build self-confidence and smash their goals out of the park.

4 – learn to set smart goals

Goal setting image for weight loss

Setting SMART goals is important. Having a vague goal is not going to progress to much and it will result in frustration. So, I want to help my audience develop strategies and processes to sticking to their goals. I will delve further into this topic in another blog post.

5 – explore mindfulness for weight loss

Two people meditating for weight loss.

Weight issues resulting from overeating, binge eating and eating disorders often originate from psychological issues. Although I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist, using mindfulness such as meditation and hypnotherapy can help to identify the root causes and triggers of weight gain as well as put things into the right perspectives. I think that mindfulness should come first in the process of weight loss in the form of awareness of the emotional issues and their management throughout, in making profound changes in habits, mentality and eventually physically.  Affirmations for example can help to boost determination and help reinforce positive beliefs making us more focused and disciplined and help us make better decisions and be ready to act more readily. I will explore and share these techniques with my audience as I become qualified in this field. It has done wonders for me and I know it will for others too.

What’s your weight loss story ?

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