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Hi, I’m Gaëlle, Personal Trainer, Weight Management coach, Pilates instructor, Sports Massage Therapist and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Hypnotherapist, sharing my enthusiasm for health and fitness whilst discussing everything ‘weight reduction(find out why I am not calling it ‘weight loss’ here).

My aim is to help people achieve their ideal weight for good, by helping them discover the root causes behind their weight issues, and helping them change, undo and rewire their mindsets.

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Hypnotherapy for Weight Reduction

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My journey started with an ‘obese level 1’ diagnosis from 3 annual medicals in a row. Fed up, one day, I acted and hired a Personal Trainer (PT) for 12 weeks. I lost weight and got to my goal weight, but I was still eating rather badly; and when our sessions stopped, I put on more weight than at first. That was when I decided that I needed to know more on how to exercise and how to eat properly. So, I did a course. At the time, I had no intentions on becoming a PT… Read more

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